Manish Sharma

I'm a dreamer, designer and deliverer. I dream to make this world a happier place, together with my innate curiosity towards people and life. I spend most of my time thinking and analyzing opportunities for design interventions that provide sustainable business opportunities creating meaningful products and service solutions. I think in scenarios and road maps that I derive from the deep empathy developed through my in-numerous interactions with people. I’m an optimist at heart with a strong belief in my own abilities. I strive to be the best leader, creator, innovator, teammate, collaborator and hurdler I can be. I live my life by the mantra: "Be positive, patient and persistent"




I’m an Innovator and a business designer who has created solutions with integrated systems approach for global impact. I have successfully implemented solutions applying power of user-centered design. As a technology expert that is also well trained in design-methods, I provide end-to-end process know-how for innovation planning and its implementation through lean practices. I have successfully built design infrastructure and network to capture local design expertise and scaled it for stakeholder’s benefit. I bring with me experiences working in cross-cultural environments at multi-disciplinary roles as innovator, strategist, designer and researcher. I have developed leading global products working in South Korea and India for developing markets in Asia and Africa and developed markets in European Union. I have cross-disciplinary background in Business, Design and Engineering. I have a Master’s degree in Business with specialization in Strategy and Finance from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. Also I did my graduation in Mechanical Engineering from South Gujarat University, Surat, India. Currently I’m doing my Master’s in Product Development at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. My inter-disciplinary background and experience helped me develop integrated systems thinking approach. I would like to use my inter-disciplinary skill-sets to build teams that can deliver the power of design and its potential to innovate, to build and grow businesses, enhancing the quality of life in sustainable ways.

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